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A better way to store value, move it around and keep it safe. 

All the benefits of blockchain with none of the problems

No Ledger

Since the patented technology makes it possible for there to be only one of a thing then that means you can have actual possession of it. No ledger is needed.

No Keys

Every Onli has an owner. A proprietary unforgeable credential called Onli ID. This protocol layer performs authentication and authorization. No Keys needed.

No Mining

Onli One a private secure network that facilitate peer to peer, vault to vault connection.  There is a one time fee per unit. This is once and done pricing. No network fees.

Onli 3.0

Onli 3.0 is our comprehensive release yet. Build 3.0 makes developing appliances even simpler. Onli Cloud 3.0, has been specially optimized for Central Bank Size Treasuries so you can scale to a trillion assets with millions of owners right out the gate. We took our already super fast transaction time and made it even faster. There is so much to show you. We can't wait.


Onli Smplyr


Onli Build 


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