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A better way to store value, move it around and keep it safe. 

All the benefits of blockchain with none of the problems

No Ledger

Because the patented technology makes it possible for there to be only one of a thing, that means you can have actual possession of it. No ledger is needed.

No Keys

Every Onli has an owner. A proprietary unforgeable credential called Onli ID. This protocol layer performs authentication and authorization. No Keys needed.

No Mining

Onli One a private secure network that facilitate peer to peer, vault to vault connection.  There is a one time fee per unit. This is once and done pricing. No "gas" or network fees.

Onli 3.0

Onli 3.0 is our comprehensive release yet. Build 3.0 makes developing appliances even simpler. Onli Cloud 3.0, has been specially optimized for Central Bank Size Treasuries so you can scale to a trillion assets with millions of owners right out the gate. We took our already super fast transaction time and made it even faster. There is so much to show you. We can't wait.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Onli?

Onli, is a digital asset transfer technology that makes it easy to send something of value called an asset as easily as you send email. Onli is based on a patented solution to the uniqueness quantification problem in computing. That's a science way of saying you can now create something across a network of devices, of which there can only be one.

What do you do with it?

You build things out of it. With Onli, you can build applications  called Appliances that utilize the assets created by issuers. Issuers can create assets classes that can be programmed and defined to serve various purposes. Onli is the asset management and transfer part of your stack.  What Onli will add to your product stack is ease of use, control, speed, security, finality, accountability, scalability, all with actual possession that fits in regulatory environments. All the benefits of blockchain with none of the problems. You are the tailor we are the cloth. 

What are the benefits?

This is not crypto or "the blockchain" you have heard about. This is different from the ground up. Onli has no ledger, no miners, no keys to lose, no consensus so it's uses an order of magnitude less energy than blockchain, Onli is fast and final, no forking, no hacking, decentralized value rather than a decentralized ledger,  its scaleable (trillions) out of the box, it's more secure since every onli has an owner. Onli is a quantum leap forward. All the benefits none of the problems. 

How does it work?

Onli is a proprietary technology stack that enables the creation of hyperdimensional vector storage systems, referred to as "Genomes." These Genomes serve as containers for data, facilitating secure transfer through a patented process called Genome Editing. As a Genome is transferred between entities (referred to as the 'sender' and the 'receiver'), it undergoes a process of genome editing. During this process, the Uniqueness Quantification Algorithm generates a novel genome. Genomes evolve as they move from person to person, rather than through the duplication of bytes (making copies). This patented method of moving and storing data makes it possible to make something on a computer, of which there is only one, across a network of devices. Each Genome is strongly coupled with an owner, termed a 'Gene'. Every Onli has an owner. Genomes are stored within a 'Vault', a secure, self-contained environment in the owner's possession. This means genomes are always under the ownership and control of the individual. Genomes can be branded and utilized within applications, referred to as "Appliances", that interact with owners. Onli is a paradigm shift, especially in the creation and management of digital assets.

How is it different from blockchain & crypto?

Onli is a paradigm shift. There is no ledger, no consensus, no private or public keys, no miners, and so it offers a quantum leap forward compared to traditional blockchain technologies. The use of hyperdimensional vector storage systems, coupled with the evolutionary nature of the Genomes and the ability to represent complex relationships in a semantic format, presents a significant technological advancement. Put simply, you get all the benefits of blockchain with none of the problems.

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is available to answer all your questions.

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Onli is original code and built with patented, enterprise grade, technology. Onli is not opensource. Onli is not right for everyone. You have questions? We have answers! Let's start a conversation. 

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